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Daniel Todd Lerner is a stockbroker with David Lerner Associates, Inc. (“David Lerner ”) in White Plains, New York, with a history of customer complaints.

Mr. Daniel T. Lerner has been the subject of seven customer complaints, which include three pending disputes. The pending disputes are securities arbitration claims filed by customers of Mr. Daniel T. Lerner, alleging that he unsuitably recommended purchasing Energy 11, LP, a limited partnership investment that invests in offshore oil and gas properties.  Two of the complaints also include allegations that Mr. Daniel T. Lerner unsuitably recommended the purchase of the Great Art Fund.   All three complaints allege that Mr. Lerner misrepresented and omitted material facts related to these investments.

Separately, in January 2021, a customer alleged $100,000 in damages resulting from unsuitable investment recommendations concerning a mutual fund, as well as interests in Direct Participation Programs (DPP) and Limited Partnerships (LPs).  A DPP is a financial security that enables investors to participate in a business venture’s cash flow and tax benefits.  The customer did not file a securities arbitration complaint.  Instead, the customer complained directly to David Lerner, and the firm denied the complaint. Customers such as this investor may still file a securities arbitration complaint.  They should contact an experienced securities arbitration attorney to further consultation.

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