Referral Program (for Attorneys)

Iorio Altamirano LLP’s Attorney Referral Program

Iorio Altamirano LLP accepts referrals of clients from attorneys and law firms for issues related to securities arbitration. Our services include:

  • Case Evaluation
  • Claim Preparation & Drafting
  • Case Management
  • Discovery & Document Production
  • Legal Research & Strategy
  • Mediation & Settlement
  • Representation at Hearing
We Are Investor Advocates

We are experienced securities arbitration attorneys, and we represent investors nationwide who have suffered investment losses due to wrongful conduct by financial advisors and brokerage firms. We offer a bold approach and aggressively pursue the recovery of investment losses on behalf of our clients. We are investor advocates.

Securities arbitration is a unique and complex practice area. Investors should seek out experienced counsel who can navigate the arbitration process and effectively advocate on their behalf. We have nearly 20 years of combined experience as securities arbitration lawyers and have helped investors recover investment losses in over 1000 cases. We understand the securities industry and represent individuals, businesses, and institutions in claims involving securities violations before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

We combine our knowledge with a client-focused practice tailored to each client’s specific needs and interests. Our approach is guided by our core values: integrity, excellence, and grit.

Iorio Altamirano LLP is a bilingual law firm, fluent in both English and Spanish.

Referral Fees and Fee-Sharing Arrangements

Our goal is to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Referral fees and fee-sharing arrangements are provided in accordance with applicable rules of professional conduct.

Our practice includes representing investors in securities arbitrations that involve the following types of claims:

If you have a case that you would like to refer to Iorio Altamirano LLP, please call (855) 430-4010 today. You may also reach August Iorio at or Jorge Altamirano at

Client Reviews
August Iorio is a wonderful, very competent attorney. He helped me through a very complicated financial situation to a result that benefitted me greatly. He is responsive, efficient, and very accommodating to my personal situation. I highly recommend him. Christine L.
I was impressed with August Iorio's directness and clarity in explaining the claim process and how it might work out. I also appreciated his promptness in getting back to me when I had questions or other concerns. Iorio Altamirano LLP is very good at what it does. Art H.
August Iorio was the lead on our case. His professional demeanor, partnered with his responsiveness to our questions, suggestions, and ideas made us feel as if we were a team with a common goal. He always kept us updated and informed and gave us realistic expectations which resulted in a timely, fair, and suitable settlement. We highly recommend the law firm of Iorio Altamirano LLP. EB & SB
August, I truly appreciate all you have done for me! Thank you. Carol P.
We had a wonderful experience with Mr. Jorge Altamirano, who is an excellent and competent lawyer. He took care of our case with high effectiveness and professionalism. Mr. Altamirano is always available to answer any questions from his clients and always provided us the appropriate follow-up in our case. It was an honor to have his professional services. Ana & Rolando M.
My experience in the past with attorney Jorge Altamirano, was excellent. He was highly competitive and professional. He was attentive, communicative, respectful, and kind from beginning to the end of resolution of my case. One of the most impressive attributes of this gentleman was his empathetic demeanor towards me, his calmness throughout all the process of my case. Dr. Mayra R.
The professional and outstanding guidance and assistance that Jorge Altamirano provided during my case was a key element towards a favorable negotiation. He was always vigilant of the case deadlines. I would work with him again in the future. Johnny M.
In our case, Mr. Altamirano showed integrity and professionalism, which without a doubt will help your future outcome. Ciso C.
Mr. Altamirano is very knowledgeable, responsible and reliable. I am very satisfied and grateful with the outcome of my case. Elsie D.
People who are the victims of broker fraud have to go through a complicated arbitration process which requires them to trust their attorney and take a lot on faith. August Iorio worked with me and my wife navigate the process, helping us get all the information his firm needed for what turned out to be a successful outcome. He was understanding and professional every time we dealt with his firm. Mitchell & Irene F.